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Where We Began

It was back in 2006 when Ideal Office first began, and as with all things we came from humble beginnings. Our Managing Director Scott McInnes had been working in the industry for many years for one of the country's leading office furniture manufacturers before starting Ideal Office. He'd come to recognise there was a need in the market for quality furniture at affordable pricing, and it was (and still is) his experience which gave Scott an edge beyond many of his competitors with his inside knowledge of furniture manufacturing and supply chain contacts.

What started out as just Scott, has now turned in to the team of consultants, fitters and back office staff that make Ideal Office what it is today. Over the years, the company has developed its offering of products and services and retains the same personal level of service on which the company was founded 10 years ago. Scott has continued his involvement with client projects, and even to this day regularly gets involved in the consultation and design process.


Where We're Going

Over the years, Ideal Office has become a forward thinking company when it comes to creating the perfect spaces for our customers. We are continually looking for new ways we can provide you with a complete service when it comes to creating a new space or re-fitting a current one. Our aim, is that whatever you need to make your office space beautiful and functional, we can be your partner of choice.

More recently we have developed relationships with architects, interior designers and construction companies across the country to support them in delivering the best to their clients. We will continue to further develop these relationships, and would welcome any discussion on current or upcoming projects in these areas.


How We Care for the Environment

Caring is in our nature. We care about our customers, we care what products we choose to supply, we care about the service we deliver and we care about the environment too.



Packaging is one of the major byproducts from our industry. We are constantly working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging we create, and strive to recycle as much as we can from our waste packaging.

On larger projects we request that suppliers send furniture components on pallets as opposed to packaging items individually in cardboard boxes, this alone can greatly reduce the waste we generate.

We remove all waste created during a project and where possible re-use the packaging on future projects, where this is not possible we will recycle all suitable materials and only dispose of items in mainstream waste which cannot be re-used or recycled.


Old Furniture

The furniture that is being replaced on re-fits can also create additional waste. Often on these types of projects, the furniture is disassembled and thrown into skips, which can ultimately result in these items going to landfill.

As an alternative, we offer our clients a removal service for furniture which is being replaced at the point of installation. Typically these items can be removed in the same vehicle which delivered your new ones, meaning that we can reduce the amount of fuel necessary in disposing of them.

The items we remove are then graded, refurbished and are then sold on as used furniture, or provided to not for profit organisations or schools to support the local community. Any items which are not fit for resale or refurbishment are dismantled and components are recycled wherever possible.